Frequently Asked Questions

Got a burning question? We’ve made a list of our most frequently asked questions right here. If you still can’t find the right answer, feel free to give us a call on 0800 564 2240 or email on We can’t wait to hear from you.

Do you take requests?

Included in our standard fee is one special request song to be played live. For weddings this is usually the first dance. Please note, we will need a couple of weeks notice before the event, so we can learn and rehearse the song!The playlists before, in between and after our live performances can be entirely chosen by the client. We can accept Spotify playlists or provide an auxiliary input for your media device if you so wished.

What is the difference between the ‘pre-mixed DJ service’ that comes with the standard package and the 'band member to DJ live' which is an optional extra?

The pre-mixed DJ service is where the band put on a bespoke playlist (you can request up to 30 songs in advance for this) through the PA before and after their live sets. We do this at most events and it works great - the volume of the music would be the same as if you had a DJ.

If you upgrade to the live DJ service, you can still send over preferences in advance, but you will also have a band member selecting and mixing tracks live on the night, as well as taking requests. The DJ will be happy to make important announcements but they will not talk constantly over or between tracks (that's just not our style!). We also think it's important to say that the DJ won't have a separate DJ booth - they will set up in an appropriate space (ideally to the side of the stage) and the PA/lighting will be the same as what is being used by the band.

Will you travel?

Short answer; Yes, absolutely! Longer answer: Our standard fee covers most of Kent and London. We're happy to play further up and down the UK and abroad. Just send us a message and we'll work it out!

Can you perform in a venue with a sound limiter?

Yes, we can. Our sophisticated setup allows us to be very accommodating for venues with limiters. For peace of mind we can liaise with the venue ahead of the event to iron out the details.

What will you require at the event?

Power: 2 x 13 amp sockets will do us. Space: a minimum stage size of 5x2.5m would be ideal, however we have squeezed into some tiny places before! Just, give us warning, so we can prepare!

Do I need to provide food/drinks?

The band's standard rider is for a hot meal and soft drinks for the band members or a £15 pp rider buyout.

How long do you take to set-up?

We require 90 minutes to setup and soundcheck. Included in our standard fee is setup from 5pm. We can arrange to setup earlier at request.

What time will you be playing?

Our standard fee covers set up from 5pm and two 45 min sets of music performed anywhere between 7pm and 12am. We can play earlier, later and longer at request. Just let us know (at time of booking, not on the day please!!).

What will you be wearing?

We'll be dressed similarly to our promotional video. Modern and stylish. More like a band and less like the caterers...If your event requires though, we can be suited and booted!

“We were blown away by how amazing the band was. Nobody left the dance floor all night because there wasn't a song that you wanted to miss. Amazing performance, would 100% recommend and would pay to see in the future. Thank you so much! Made our party so special and one that will be remembered by all our guests for a long time. One guest even said that they wanted to cancel their wedding band and rebook the Light Years! ”